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Month: March 2014

Everyone seems very happy with NPR… it is so refreshing to see their page get destroyed and defamed for posting unclever and blatant propaganda that is useless to its readership!

In this video i created a new account literally less than 1 hour before called redditisshilled to respond to another group of redditors that were upset with reddit deleting comments. i do not think that reddit is deleting anything that has to do with government disapproval, although this could be the case.  if anything i’d assume that the reddit moderators are shilled to keep disinformation like this statement around and prevelant, when in reality they are only censoring harmful truths. it is no secret that there is major governmental disapproval at this point, and it only aids the censoring parties when they can say it is censored when in reality it is clearly not being censored. this would clearly help build up belief that the claims to censorship on reddit are all just flat out obvious lies, even though in this video i’ll show they definitely are not.

There appears to be a “public reddit page”, one that is different than each of our own pages when logged in. so the points on comments and actual visible comments are totally different on this page than when each user logs on to their “personal reddit page(s)”.

In this video, i will again log in and log out and to show how my accounts — both this time, the brand new one, redditisshilled, and my old one, rar777reddit, — are both being censored with no downvotes.  again, i’d like to stress that my username redditisshilled is brand new, and this is the very first activity i’ve had on it other than logging on.

My account is rar777reddit, which has been used for over two years perfectly fine, has been censored from reddit ever since i started posting information about the svoboda far-right nationalist-socialist party in control of kiev right now and the nuland and paet leaks. i now have multiple user names being used in this video.  testbot_000000x (x=1,2,3,4) and rar777reddit are the two.

It is clear that even though my posts show up for me when i am logged in, if i log out or if i am logged into another user name, my rar777reddit posts do not show.  it is important to note that my posts are not being voted down with negative points.  they aren’t even showing up, and if they do, they will be taken down from the “public reddit page” without telling me why or when. lastly, do note that the account names wirebutterfly and the initiumNovum also have removed their comments or they have been moderated out. no matter who they are and no matter who i am, reddit should allow us all to make our opinions read, especially when the vast majority of my posts before this time were strictly informational with either links to wiki, articles, informational videos, statute or my own personal analysis.

Thanks for the great open discussion reddit, NOT!

Bonjour! Ni hao! Hello! Bueno!

Hey everyone, so i finally got around to buying and setting up a site for my own content and essays about politics, philosophy, technology, humanity, government, economics, tyranny, conspiracy theories — you name it. There is a heavy emphasis on corruption. The end goal of this blog is to help inform any reader about what is actually going on in the world with analysis of current events, to share ideas and internet discoveries, and to hopefully do my part in supporting the revolution in thinking the world so desperately needs: a Global Love Equality Freedom Network (GLEFnet).

Ultimately my own search to understand has led me here.

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