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The Sound and Look of Non-Mainstream Science


I am not making this post because I believe Walter Brown Russell describes our universe more accurately than current mainstream science (MSS). However, the ideas below are extremely interesting, akin to first discovering the deep web or non-MSM. I hope you enjoy because even if the russellian science is not all that accurate you are reading the work from an illuminated mind that befriended Tesla and Mark Twain, worked for NORAD, and also was quoted by Walter Cronkite to be, “… the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.”

Enjoy! Peace and Love to all on earth.

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To Shill-Sell or Not to Shill-Sell

Steven Greer thinks US$ 1.99 is not selling, I presume. What do you think?

Enjoy the Ride


Mandelbrot Set 10^275

Our planet desperately needs to understand this pattern and math to move forward with what is naturally good and inherently perfect, infinite and beautiful in every human, planet and universe.

Western Oligarchic Control Structure

Each day, month, and year it becomes increasingly clear that the USA Inc is a top down, 110% corrupted Oligarchy — an oligarchy who see themselves each worth at least 41176470.6 of us lesser beings — indicates crystalline clearly  Yellen and Princeton University. Their domination,  obversely humanity’s enslavement, is perpetuated by the false-flag terrorism designed by the intelligence communities, and it is reaped as power and wealth by the government and corporations, respectively, via increased control of elections, politics, wars of aggression, and new oppressive laws. The transnational capitalistic superclass is very real — they are called billionaires, multibillionaires and even trillionaires. They don’t give a fuck about you, your nation, or anything cherished by the world, and this r-complex class only want each of us alive to turn our energy, products, and creativity into their bloodline’s benefit and profits, that is until their robot armies render us useless as heaps of human ash. These robots and AI are absolutely in the process of taking over general labors of many humans, literally as I type this. There might be a weak, failed attempt of massive genocide to cleanse the world of the havenots, us waste and junk polluters, we non-transhumanist elites, or so is hinted as extremely possible by the CFR — a clear window of PR of the plutocratically oligarchical reptiles controlling international banks, super-corporations, et cetera — in their last panel discussion by two futurists.

We can only pray and demand collectively that these elitists realize otherwise. The time has come to secure our world, for each of us realize how worthless our planet will be without the 99% diversity.


This image was created by the Acting-Man Blogger.

I was Brainwashed

Ok, Fine I’m a Guilty Hypocrite Rarely

‘Cause i really really like this video!!! ENJOY guys and gals. Remember turn down fo’ what?? FO! Nothin’.

Science Versus AGW CC Models, Religious Child Rape/Genocide, and Corruption


Making a mathematical model of how the sea-levels will rise 200-900 years into the future is not science, period the end. Let me repeat that, literally, making a model for insanely complicated predictions 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, or even 900 years into the future is a science fiction based upon limited amounts of supporting data measured over 2 years (at least in this paper that is how much preliminary data is used to construct the model) . What mathematical modeling is, that, mathematical modeling; it takes a preliminary amount of data — if little data is available for constructing the model it is called a black box, where a white box model has a very large data set —  and then adjusts parameters to create a complex function with multiple inputs and a given set of outputs. The outputs are guesses and predictions, not science. The science of climate change only takes place when the model predictions are compared to the reality it tried to predict. Every single one of IPCC’s models — let me repeat that every single one, as in 70 plus of these politically motivated mathematical models have failed to make any sort of accurate prediction — have failed to predict the the global climate we now have experienced over the last decade or two. That is the science, that is the result, and everything else was just a hypothesis that can and should easily be defenestrated. The real data is charted below. And guys, it has to be a nefarious farce on the people when the vatican — currently under review by the UN and the ICLCJ for genocide of native canadian children and systematic child rapeemploys religious zeal and the backing unscientific belief-based fervor to further the cause AGW. Many respected international scientist have stood against these climate lies. There is a rich history right before your eyes of these same academia being physically threatened, being demoted unjustly, and being bullied because nothing about the climate debate is scientific at heart — from the vatican, to bullying, to modeling, to international corruption. It is a huge crock of shit the people of the world are starting to whiff. The leaders endorsing this lie should be VERY afraid.


A University Ran on HHO

It should become increasing clear to everyone that the old system is changing. Humanity will not stand to be slaves any longer. If a university wants it, the people will want it, and so both shall have it.


“Police State” USA

I don’t have the full scoop on any of these stories; however, when the unjustified brutality is common all over the nation, when police are shooting and killing 80 year olds and teenages that have committed no crime, when cops are murdering mentally handicapped persons with department promotion — i do not feel like an alarmist one femtogram in directing you to this website so you can make your own decision as to whether the USA is transforming into a violent, thuggish and dangerous “police state”.


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