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Month: May 2015

One more update, on New Earth Nation and Sovereignty

So… not so much a fan of New Earth Nation, however they do apparently have some micro-nations established. This is a passport of some guy with his own micro-nation and constitution in Sedona. Interesting. The leaders of the group/cult/movement are pretty far out. Then again so is this passport! –>

A Squamish Indian tribe that is also partaking in the nation formation. Apparently they are in communication with the UN with an Economic numeric code of 333 and country code of SQU/SQ… only out of professional business courtesy. haha, i wish them the best of luck. –>

Garry Davis is pretty interesting.  He started the World Government of World Citizens. That is where the passport came from in the first link posted. I think I’ll get my own World Citizen passport just for keepsake!  I am a tad worried about identity fraud though … –>

UPDATE! May 2015 Already.

I am still waiting for my friend to email me the digitized blueprints for the 50k sustainable off grid home i designed that grows it’s own food with 24ftx24ftx4 auto dripped vertical gardens.

I will hopefully design a new cover photo this summer, and I will also update my other sites too! Medical school has a front seat these days. I have to score well on my STEP1 exam, and complete my second year.  I have also largely taken down all of my “wild” postings from my public accounts because my views are roughly the same but tapered with time. This site will be the primary location with my extra-curricular musings henceforth.

On that note I do feel I want to clarify:  I wish i had time to go back and proofread all of my previously posted articles. They are rife with errors of all sorts, however, my general sentiments on the entire nature of things has remained the same. There is way too much corruption, violence and inefficiencies or inequalities in the current paradigm of world operations, and ultimately the planet needs a blended synthesis focused on technological and natural or historical collective, organic, anarchical democratic socialism centered on maximizing global love equality and freedom.

I will be in peru this summer, and we’ll just have to wait and see if I end up leaving the states in the next couple of years. However, again I must focus on medical school for the next coming year, and direct my energies within the field by researching persons like Bill Thomas ( The flexner report is something i was well aware, and it is nice to see another MD here in the states, who is a farmer and gerontologist write up such a concise summary on the history of modern medicine!

Wish me luck! And health and happiness to you all!

Dean Clifford Out on Bail! He says he has 3 more charges left to drop.

So if you don’t know about the sovereign citizen movement, it is an interesting one for sure. Some of these people are indeed extremists. Others have an interesting story and history. The general movement is verifiably an international movement to take back the power from organized groups, whether political or corporate or institutional,  and i do believe that the fbi is quite hot against these groups on the basis that they are “violent” or “dangerous” largely because they refuse to follow laws.

Anyways, i have been watching for over a year now to see if dean’s condition improved. Apparently he is out on bail after being imprisoned for 16 months, and the courts have dropped over twenty of his twenty some odd chargers. He stated he has three charges left to fight. It will be interesting to see if he gets out “scott free” with his tactics, and his particular sect of the movement will be interesting to watch unfold if he does get these last three citations dropped with bona fide evidence of success presented to the public.

dean’s website–>

the fbi’s take–>

Just some stuff to flip through

interesting book! –>

wiki on this same book by Carlos Castaneda –>

superfilm –>

film with commentary by creator alejandro jodorowsky –>

another cool book (David Wright Mathematics and Music), damn i need more time… –>

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