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Month: November 2015

The diary on nursing a wound

The main point of the article was to demonstrate how physicians have the opportunity to heal themselves while healing others. It demonstrated the dynamic process of growth within both personal relationships and professional, patient-oriented relationships, specifically that of girlfriend or spouse and that of doctor-patient or pediatric renal diseases. The ultimate faucet or new character trait the writer develops focuses on how pain works. The author claims that it leaves you “less naïve” and allows one to equilibrate life and life’s relationships with “unhappiness, uncertainty, and regret” by forming a foundation and “basis of empathy” — an empathy that allows for resilience in “modern professional life”, which is nearly assumedly, elusively, homogenized as adnation of both personal and professional occurrences. Specifically propositioned is that “unhappiness, uncertainty, and regret” incubate the wherewithal and comfort underpinning this formation of empathy.

Both the notion of modern professional life and the definition of empathy are relevant to my own future considerations as an aspiring physician, and both notion and definition are relevant parameters of the general essence of medicine itself. Perhaps most pertinent is that neither aspiring physician nor the nature of medicine are stagnant, rather both at an individual level and gestalt will grow, morph, bud, and wilt of the organic mulch feeding this author’s experience in our imperfect world —“‘I know we’ll always be best of friends,’ she said …my ex and I are not in touch…[now]mature…they become wrier[sic].” In this impermanency all humans are patients of time, so I posit time as the true ruler of all relation. This author would not have healed, would not have gained new character traits, and would not have developed empathy without time progressed. The significance of this broad tautology (if not too untastefully paradoxical) is the freedom of consideration and application of the importance comprising the events of the profession, of the work, and of the living relations all positioned and framed within time. It allows the origination of patient healing, not excluding a physician’s own healing, to be found in all emotional states, therein accepting both the “ornamental piece of crystal” and the “basketball…rough play…fights” originally inspired by past aspects of his first love’s congruously “battling parents” (if not too untastefully ironic). This view also allows comfortable and functional separation (to varying degrees) of career, life, profession, love, development, character, empathy, unhappiness, uncertainty, and regret.

To me it seems unwise to bundle and package the events in my past and future time as the author has demonstrated because I only form relationships “conceived from a need” and my empathy rests upon time, not comfort with unhappiness, uncertainty, and regret. I refuse to experience “turmoil…as an intern” to relate to my patients because their illnesses and diseases do not have to be balanced by negativity more so than graceful and artful expression in time.

What type of relation do you form in:  “12 years”, “three weeks”, “after sunrise”, “just fallen”, “less than a month”,“freshly minted”, “the hour”, “returning”, “80 hours a week”,“back to back”, “leaving room for nothing else”, “of downtime”,“in the depths of night”, “quiet”, “memories”, “through four years”,“spent the day”, “after midnight”, “15 minutes”, “cut inexplicably short”,“ long days”, “for a time”, “getting better”, “’eureka’ moments”,“by the time”, “my young”, “now grown”, “alive”,“that experience”, “had developed”, “the sun”, “for just a few minutes”?

Is Your Face Racist?


Just curious what your eloquencies — earnestly meant well written setting aside any potential fallaciousness [addressing the reminderers above]– think about my freshman year costume: cut off jeans, gun, numerous bibles, rotted fake teeth, camo vest, dirty work boots and a white tank. perhaps i should also dress up as a starving african baby? rather just a thirsty one from the middle east that’s sacrilegiously born of a secret and forbidden affair of love between a palestinian and israeli. then again i just assume people who read self-help books are purely interested in knowing how to be perceived as a better human…either that or unimaginably uncreative and lacking the most basic orientable volition.

Yes, i prefer to be categorized as tan, that or tanned-privileged of lower class america — anything but white. don’t worry either, i was already reported for racism while working in nyc because i said i live in the ghetto, while on foodstamps and eating dinner at the same table and eating with the same children of the same underserved, poor, migrant families — by the same mother’s hand — both my ghetto coworker and i served on a daily basis. if that doesn’t shine a light on perception versus history versus the core comprising reactive human nature! well then!!! well. alas, i guess i am just going to be back to studying (anything but a self-help quasi-unanti-anti-non-racist article), so i can get out of this country for a country that is likely filled with the same old brown … people. people. people!

I’ll take a thirsty child given water over discussion on cultural competency any femtosecond of any light-year spanning any universe on any of the 11 dimensions.

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