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Month: March 2016

When google gives me 400, repeat captcha, unsecure servers and my own website decides on the 403 midway through

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Two Interesting Energy Companies

Talk about cool to combine the two! That is if they are real companies in the first place, lol.

Sacha Stone…and the ITNJ…hmmm

SASHA’s  Diplomatic_Portfolio

Rough Blueprints of 50k, two story 100% off grid steel-hemp cubic-house, 24×24 ftxft Garden walls

So my friend moved to NYC to work for some skyscraper arch firm. Never got the 3D models. I promised to upload the blueprints at least. the entire floor is a single steel sheet, and it is supported by and centered on a steel or glass pillar that collects water (approximately 900 gallon volume). The air flow in the house is extremely important because each wall has a single hemp layer and then multiple plant troughs suspended on the frame of the cube. it is basically a green house, very moist if no wind. BUT with air flow, the greenhouse turns into a swamp cooler. so i’d be like living in a nice glass topped swamp cooler with massive ceiling lights and gardens on the walls. sweet right? the second floor is rotated 90 degrees  and resting on the centered X intersections of the vertical cube frame faces. even though the cube frame drawn does not show it, there has to be poles that diagonally quadrasect the verticle faces of the cube for stability, where these diagonal steel poles cross is where the second floor attaches. (confused? just draw a square with an X in the center.) this second floor is part steel and part rope. the rope makes nets, basically creating laying spaces or extra beds with comforts pillows and throws. the rope is ideally hemp rope. the first image in the zip is not really important, so ignore it. i was just thinking about a force matrix, trying to understand the stability of the corners of a cube. lastly, the steel cube frame (made of simple 1 or 2 inch piping) itself is wrapped in 100 % sheer hemp canvas, which will not grow mold and does breathe. welcome home. with solar, and one or two of tesla’s battery packs you’d be set.  wake up in the morning smell the flowers on the walls grab a stalk of broccoli from the wall, make the coffee and hop on the internet for work. oh! the foundation is  formed from concrete poured into a hole in the ground. the water pillar is vertically placed in this concrete with however much reinforcement necessary. ideally the house will be a foot or two off the ground. just a step up. not like it wil role if the foundation tilts or something.


Not a single terrorist. Maybe their gov is not soo corrupt.

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Physical Bitcoin, Satori Coin

Hypothesis, Objectives and Significance


If CCTs function to empower the underserved to gain financially dependent citizenship, then CPATs will function to empower the Peruvian people living in Lima to gain autonomy of daily access to clean drinking water as a basis of human health.


Objectives and significance

The research has two sequential parts:  first, determine, identify, assess and analyze development, Phase I (P1), of an IPWP and, second, complete a case study. The goals of the first part are to:  determine at least one potential international public health market for an existing (or proposed) PDWT within Lima, Perú; identify domestic and international groups involved in similar global public health PDWT activities; assess the social-cultural and economic environment in a generalizable fashion to understand key social institutions, customs, traditions, and beliefs regarding PDWT and CPATs; assess the political-legal environment to understand the influence of government and regulations on any provisional activities of PDWT-CPATs. The second part of the research will be to complete a case study of a group defined by a city district of urban Lima.

Abstract, hot off the press and rough…

This research project is 1.5 years in length, and it will be completed abroad on leave from the University of Arizona College of Medicine (UACOM) – while enrolled actively at la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM), Facultad de Medicina de San Fernando – through student and faculty cooperation at both universities. Specifically, the UACOM transfer student will complete the course number 27 (Proyecto de Tesis I), course number 17 (Proyectos de Investigacion), and course number 33 (Proyecto de Tesis II). The research intent is to produce a written report with supplementary tables and visuals alongside a compelling oral story for professional presentation.  The content will focus on product-market fit of purified drinking water (related) technology (PDWT) contextualized as ripe and due fuel within the rise of “middle-income” nations into “high-income” earnings and public health status. Whereas, a case study group in Lima, Perú will receive a Conditional Public Asset Transfer(s) (CPAT) of PDWT, with the intent of understanding potential benefits primarily of the Peruvian people from a particular urban district in Lima, whom deserve daily access to clean drinking water. The PDWT-CPAT case study will be modeled based upon previously successful Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs and will be informed by the preceding findings from development, phase-one, of an international public water project (IPWP).

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