Text below taken from comment on Reidar Visser’s page (excepting wikipedia page). Make sure to click the pictures for details. It is very possible Reidar is pys-oping…sooo, no conclusions yet!

“Ah, another beautifully written article regarding the subject of the suppression of dissent at the hands of government apparatchiks. It is so refreshing to see this topic explored by someone that isn’t…well…American. When I speak to my fellow Americans about the transformation of law enforcement from “peace officers” to “secret police” they usually have no idea what I am talking about. Regardless, the foundation of the entire global system as [sic] based on the tactics and operations of the East German STASI. I highly suggest everyone review the documentary “STASI: East Germany’s Secret Police” produced by Film Europa in 2007. Watch that movie, and your eyes will be opened to not only what they are doing to dissidents, how they are doing it, and perhaps most importantly of all, why the police are motivated to target individuals that have committed no crime.”


“I will try to address the issues in your post as they are presented. The Chinese Water Torture aspect is related to the STASI concept of “Soft Kill”, specifically enumerated in STASI Directive 1/76, or the infamous “Disintegration Directive”. Not to go into too much detail, but please bear in mind that we live in a world where police kicking, beating, and shoving people can be viewed, in real time, by the entire world. Can anyone say “Public Relations Nightmare”? Sure you can! Put simply, the new goal of the police is destroying someone without the person themselves knowing who the enemy is, or why they are being targeted, and of course leaving the casual observer completely clueless. Again, please review “STASI: East Germany’s Secret Police” for a proper explanation of the soft kill concept.

Audio and visual stimulus (bright headlights and loud motorcycles) is simply “anchoring”. Not complicated at all. It helps acclimate the target to the concept that “when you hear or see this stimuli, you will react with fear”. Again , not rocket science at all.

On the issue of being followed by uniformed police, simple intimidation tactics. If you own a mobile phone, it is likely you are being tracked via that device. In a recent court decision here in America, police were granted the right to use mobile phone data without permission from the court. This decision makes the suppression of political dissidents exponentially easy for law enforcement. Not that the police had a hard time before, or even followed the rules, but there you have it. To confirm this, please remove the battery from your phone, then walk or ride your bike to a remote location and wait for an hour or so. Then, plug the battery back in to your phone and see how long it takes for a police officer or informant to find their way to your location. Not very long, I bet.

The use of modified vehicles would denote persons with a criminal history. Punk kids dealing drugs or assaulting people for no good reason. The STASI model is employing armies of informants. Hundreds of informants, thousands of informants, hundreds of thousands of informants! What pool do the police recruit their informants from? Why, CRIMINALS of course. Would anyone expect Catholic nuns or basket-weavers to be the class enemy? Of course not. Using the STASI model, anyone and everyone that commits a crime WILL be pressured to become an informant. In America, informants are given “consideration” for their cooperation with the police. Or, in other words, the more work you do as an informant, the less time in prison you will be subjected to. Again, as always, please review “STASI: East Germany’s Secret Police” for a more detailed explanation into the concept of the creation and deployment of confidential informants from the criminal class.

In summation, my research has helped me discover at least some of the motivations of law enforcement as it pertains to the suppression of dissent, and it all comes down to one word. Fear. Yes, fear. The police, and by default any government that engages in STASI-style suppression, are terrified of their own citizens. How is this so? Please research the East German Uprising of 1953. During that event, the East German people very nearly overthrew their communist oppressors. Only the intervention of Soviet troops stopped the Germans from reuniting, but it also gave birth to the STASI in it’s true form, and codified it’s true mission. Suppress dissent BEFORE it happens. Or, in simple terms…though crime.”


“In closing, let me share a story. A few weeks ago, after months of research, I conducted a very simple experiment. In order to confirm police involvement in my suppression of my political freedoms, or “gangstalking”, I decided to reach out to a small number of individuals I strongly suspect of being police informants. I put together a simple yet colorful one-page flyer that says POLICE ARE 236% MORE LIKELY TO RAPE! and MOST VICTIMS OF POLICE RAPE ARE CHILDREN! and some other truly horrible statistics are are, oddly enough, completely true and correct, being taken from actual FBI crime statistics. I then included about 30 news reports of police raping infants, engaging in sex-slavery, raping multiple children, torturing and murdering their wives, and all manner of sordid acts. Can you guess what happened next? The vehicle traffic of informants at my home ceased…instantly. For years there has been near constant traffic here on this secluded little road that pretty much leads to nowhere. Now it is virtually empty, weeks later. I chose to stop passing out these flyers for now, as they hinder my ongoing investigation. It is hard to document something that is no longer happening, so be careful when you engage in counter-propaganda operations.

The concept of suppression of political dissent is based on keeping the target on the run, afraid, confused, depressed, and ultimately destroyed. It is all spelled out in black and white in STASI Directive 1/76. But there is a flaw in this program. A fatal flaw, in fact. What if the target refuses to be afraid? What if the target stops, and turns on his attackers. All bullies are cowards, and this includes the police. Once you turn around and give them some of their own medicine, they flee like the chicken-shits they are. Therefore, never leave the house without your hidden camera. Always walk up and engage suspected informants in friendly conversation, learn their faces. Let them know that you are watching them in the same manner as they are watching you. Eventually, one of them will make a critical mistake, and you will be there to record it all…then upload it to YouTube! When thousands of people do this, and collate their evidence, this archaic concept of “gangstalking”, a dinosaur from the last century, will be exposed and obliterated in the same manner as Hitler, Mousilini, and Ceaușescu.”