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The Red White & Black Flesh of FergUSon Our Reminder


Yes, Black lives do matter! Black lives matter an unmeasurable amount; the same unmeasurable amount as all human lives, regardless of race, religion, creed, income, nationality, self-identification, or self-expression. To be absolutely blinded by skin color is to forget the wisdom, at times excruciatingly, engrained by history, power, nations, and exploitation by rulers — no matter how black the skin of the boy against the white-n-pink trigger finger firing egregiously fatal round after round of the man. Let us remember these black men and women who have been oppressed for ages are our human brothers and sisters. And let us not forget the white Irish slave’s suffering exhaustion til death and torture. Let us ascend, cognisant as well of our other highly social and intelligent family members of all the lands and oceans because our human species as a whole is dependent on the continued respect of all living creatures and things on shared, beating and breathing, Mother Earth.

The truth and fact is that many of our police forces are traded, corporations, probably just as our local court chambers, judges and politicians — look them all up on Dun and Bradstreet — right in all of our little towns from Canada to Australia and every western, capitalistic nation between. Profits don’t see people and neither do corrupted and unbalanced terrorist regimes of socialism, theocracy, surfdome, monarchy, anarchism and democratic mob, whether said for and by the scores of underclassed by birth or sociopathic-n-aristocratical oligarchy by birth.

This is precisely how we get force fed by the bought and paid propaganda machine (known as the MSM) our own atrocity, after atrocity, by our own follied entrapment:  like innocent black humans shot down in the streets cold-bloodedly without any repercussion or justice because they are rightfully frustrated and attacking back pocket-knife versus glock; like the current global depopulation agendas orchestrated by malthusian scientists of the best of the best and wholly without sound knowledge and lost souls; like two opposing sides of war supported by the same banking and corporate cartels and fought by the brainwashed masses over and over and over; like starving children in Africa for no reason other than corruption of a very small few greedy men’s hearts to be childless and empty for eternity; like the secretly blatant militarization of police forces or tried and tested military coups throughout the globe to protect the underclass’s ideas and assembly not within the the transnational capitalistic superclass through suppression; and like the continued enslavement of the human mind, heart, soul, and body based upon force, violence, fear, lies, manipulation, debt, and other oppression historically enabled by power asymmetry techniques learned through the tyrannical despots and conquerors of the last 2000 years … but not by US. All of us right here in Kiev, Thailand, West Africa, Gaza, USA, Russia, France, Argentina, China and the rest of the world.

The global corporations in collusion with our governments and hidden powers that shouldn’t be have been implementing destruction long enough by our slackish and insufficient watch, starting with the weakest and most underrepresented populations for many, many, many years now. I have written extensively on this process within the USA. How we as a nation, as a world, as One which elects or has elected a new world order, must not be divided and conquered by our ignorance of money, power, and greed into our respective kingdoms via our self-perpetuating history of corralling by whip, race, religion, language and hate when the current empires are absolutely financially puppeted networks of international corporations. And therein we must contextualize the Blacks whom have been impoverished.

The protesting Blacks deserve just as much improvement as the war famished and indoctrination tattered Palestinian and Jew fighting now, all with good in their hearts. If we don’t come together and start demanding accountability of those in power — the police, the politicians, the judges, the doctors, the lawyers, the professors, the CEOs, the warmongers, the CIA, the FBI, the nuclear armies — and start by critically analyzing and appreciating our own standing, culture and history objectively within the tapestry of each others’ experiences, ideologies, pain, worldviews, expressions of joy and religions by asking why and how we all let this happen … it will be too late — for we will have forgotten our humanity, love, and the red, white, and black colors of our special species, on our special planet, in our very special rainbowed cosmovision, replete with delicious foods-n-drink for our bodies, pleasurable inventions of lavish human imaginations for our minds, and families-n-friends of ocean-n-land for our souls, bountiful enough to share.

I stand with my Brothers and Sisters in Ferguson.

Repost of Writing

May 23th, 2014~~~~~The Probable (Anthropogenic) Global Warming Lie For Profits, Part III


seriously, you gotta check this stuff out. –>


no face, and no references… hmmm….


Didn’t he link to all the news articles? This is his face, wife and kids. –>

Here are some of the references.



JD and BA in economics. Where is his PhD in climate science?


I think he is mostly talking about how multiple internationally acclaimed climate scientists have had to step down, have been threatened, or have been unjustly treated. He is pointing out examples of how the entire debate has been corrupted, that it does not represent science any longer, rather politics. I don’t know if anyone needs a degree to compare a prediction value to what now has actually occurred. Is it a perfect video? Nope! But it does raise some very serious questions, right? [continue]

May 18th, 2014~~~~~The Probable (Anthropogenic) Global Warming Lie For Profits, Part II


got flood insurance Boston? Miami? –>


seriously though, don’t bite the fear bait. –>


what’s boston and miami?


cities going under water due to global temperature rise and melting of glaciers and ice caps.


i’m asking 50 years from now 🙂



seriously guys, the prediction is for 2100… it’s a bunch of fear mongering, even if it’s based upon scientifically factual models. there is no way we can predict what the nations and world are going to be like that far into the future. this is like worshipping a doomsday science fiction novel just because it has some equations and models in it based upon some dubious data. in fact, we (as in us commenters) probably will all be dead by then. i am already 25. the whole thing is just ludicrous guys. but enjoy the terror of a maybe creeping and slowly rising sea level.


in 2100 they will curse us for our lack of foresight … [continue]

April 1th, 2014~~~~~The Probable (Anthropogenic) Global Warming Lie For Profits, Part I


Scorched earth!


I have read the science on climate change, which of course is all too often mixed up with AGW. It is horrifying, really it is. However I believe the data and figures do leave some room for skepticism. To be honest I am much more concerned about global weather modification than global warming. There are companies flying planes all over the earth caring out cloud seeding. Regardless, it would be amazing to see humans continue to push for renewable energy and no money driven science that leads to safe and productive discoveries. this is the counter to AGW doomsday science. i am curious to know both sides at least!

(1) “Governments around the world have dumped precious resources into fixing a phenomenon that has probably ceased of its own accord (whether humans contributed to its rise or decline or had no effect whatsoever). Meanwhile, investment firms (like Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management) make a fortune selling bogus “carbon credits,” and the entire racket rests on guilt — making prospective clients (i.e., everyone) feel guilty for their own “carbon footprint.”
” –>

(2) “The American Physical Society (APS) has signalled a dramatic turnabout in its position on “climate change” by appointing three notorious climate skeptics to its panel on public affairs (POPA).” –>

(3) Two environmental activist groups – Greenpeace and The Nature Conservancy – raise more than $1 billion cumulatively per year. These two groups raise more money than the combined funding of the 91 conservative think tanks identified in Brulle’s paper. Just as importantly, these two groups raise money solely for environmental causes and frequently advocate for global warming restrictions. Their $1 billion is not diluted addressing issues such as economic policy, health care policy, foreign policy, etc.””–> … [continue]

March 26th, 2014~~~~~Homelessness Derived from the Darkness of Our Hearts


“Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker.”

If the only thing keeping you from supporting a scheme like this is “principle,” then screw your principles! The only principles I’ve seen that are worth $5000 are, incidentally, principles focused on making $5000.

–> … [continue]

March 26th, 2014~~~~~What is Up with Our Weather?

I think that there is a whole smattering of reasons for uncertainty’s confusion (even personally) on the chemtrail versus contrail debate. ultimately there seems to be a failure of collaboration between the internet users of the world and established scientists, professors, and doctors with the laboratory equipment and supplies of the world needed for logical, clear, accurate, precise and reproducible answers driven by a general lack of love and lack of morals intelligently mature and universally caring enough to satisfy our modern age … [continue]

March 25th, 2014~~~~~Rant of the morning inspired by ACA

stop massive defense budgets three times that of china (second largest defense budget), then give the people an adequate health system for free and doctor visits and surgeries for free. no tax increase necessary. i think left and right can both agree we don’t need massive global surveillance and perpetual, international conflicts for world policing and domination when thousands and thousands here in the usa can’t even see a doctor to take care of their health for their families. obamacare is just a sellout to the banks and wall street like EVERYTHING this government has been doing before, during and unfortunately likely after obama. “Transferring A Trillion Dollars in Wealth: Most of the ACA’s $965 billion in subsidies will go directly to commercial insurance companies, one of the largest transfers of public wealth to private hands ever. Since the ACA passed, the average stock price of the big for-profit health insurers doubled, their top executives were paid more than a half billion dollars in cash and stock options, and in the past 2 years, the top 10 insurers have spent $25 billion on mergers and acquisitions.” … [continue]

March 10th, 2014~~~~~HEY!

i have been banned from commenting on mainstream media fb pages temporarily because i am spamming… anyways, if you want to message Fox, WSJ, NYP, CNN, HBO, Time, Warner Bros, NBC, BET, etc. it’d be great. 🙂

here is the information on the 6 mega-corporations that own over 90% of mainstream media. … [continue]

March 8th, 2014~~~~~My War On Drugs as a Future American Physician


what!? the largest international research and report ever done on coca and cocaine usage has been surreptitiously restricted by UNICRI and WHO because it pointed to the health benefits of cocaine and coca plant, contrasting alcohol and tobacco usage as much more damaging to health? what?! drugs from plants don’t kill you and your children always, no matter what? … [continue]

February 23rd, 2014~~~~~Dr. Boxilanicuminus on Alternative Remedies as Cancer treatments of Dr. Jaziquisha

Dr. Boxilanicuminus:

Isn’t this the therapy that killed Jobs?

Dr. Jaziquisha:

it was my understanding that jobs died from cancer metastasis and wasting, not from herbal supplements or dietary changes. i think he did the dr dean ornish diet (and other alternative changes) before having radical abdominal surgery including resection, whipple, etc … [continue]

February 10th, 2014~~~~~As Sochi Begins and Ends Remember

how frustrating innocent hypocrisy is, especially when evoked by two countries flaunting their cultural differences that weakly contrast in the first place. in fact, my anger has nothing really to do with the people here. i mean, why was a gay flag not put up by google when uganda imprisoned, silently slaughtered and de facto exiled gays year after year (even as recently as 2013)? it upsets me so much to see the grime of international politics in conflation with a topic so close to me. it feels as if i personally have been violated by the nefarious posse making a spectacle of my group of people, hence me, for nationalistic tout … [continue]

January 28th, 2014~~~~~Has Being a Conspiracy Theorist Actually provided any practicality in your life

for me personally, yes. it has helped sharpen my critical analysis tools. also it has led me to things like the deep web to see and read ideas that are so mangled and far from right, yet still possessing some bits of truth, that my mind cranks and levers itself open. so when i rebut very powerfully and loudly, and also say, “but seriously you could be right…” i truly do mean it! (note, this does not denying that reading books from opposing view-points is a much more powerful way to garner information for decision making in practical real life situations regarding stable careers, home locations, business, etc.) lastly, so many people i know don’t care to talk about political, financial, scientific and social systems at a national and global level. these websites often do dance around this topics of world geopolitics in an interesting fashion; thus, satisfying my desire to converse about history, power, oppression, culture, religion, worldviews, etc. although, there are negatives of reading into some CT and fringe stuff, both in a specific and general sense … [continue]

January 23rd, 2014~~~~~Discussion on Net Neutrality, Free Markets, and Regulation

Long live the free internet. Let the free market decide its fate. Any governmental regulation is a waste of your tax paying money as well as a roadblock against growth.

Umm…the whole issue here is that the “free” market puts control of the internet in the hands of a few giant telecoms that could manipulate traffic to their convenience.

Actually…no. The whole issue is that a few giant telecoms have that much control anyway, which is NOT a product of the free market, but of government privilege.

why are you all still on left-right axis of national control or free markets? both are totally corrupted. the issue is that we, the global citizenry, don’t have companies and governments working for the improvement of the human species in whole, rather than selectively and intensely for a handful of families comprising the “corporate over-class” … [continue]

January 22nd, 2014~~~~~Dear FAO Letter On Egregious Data Error

Dear FAO,

In the 2013 executive summary you state: “A total of 842 million people in 2011–13, or around one in eight people in the world, were estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger, regularly not getting enough food to conduct an active life. This figure is lower than the 868 million reported with reference to 2010–12. The total number of undernourished has fallen by 17 percent since 1990–92.”

Yet this graph in your 2010 report says that a 17% decrease in starving humans would be about 140 million from about 840 million in the base 1990-92 years … [continue]

November 30th, 2013~~~~~Just Another 9/11 Debate

my mind is closed to 9/11 truther theory the same as it is to climate change denialism and creation science. It’s a waste of time to even discuss it.

The creation science and climate change denial analogues are perfectly fitting in terms of the body of evidence and overall scientific consensus.

Those are paranoid and shocked people who are more interested in rationalizing a tragic event than dealing with reality – like JFK conspiracy theorists, born again Christians, or Alex Jones – nothing more.

Associating with them doesn’t speak well to the state of your mind.

others who don’t have your insights might not agree, especially considering that there is zero empirical evidence for creationism and a STUPENDOUS amount of empirical evidence supporting climate change. (note, this is scientific and numerical evidence when it comes to climate change, not descriptive and subjective qualia.)

there were 200 hundred official, governmental report writers documenting and analyzing the buildings, events, and attacks—my guess would be largely from anecdotal data/information or qualitative rubble analysis. currently our government has shown itself to be less than impeccable: 8.5 trillion dollars not accounted for by the pentagon and severe undermining of democratic principles via massive journalistic oppression and concomitant NSA privacy scandals. polls show a very significant percent of americans and canadians do not even know what happened in nyc day of 9/11. furthermore, over 2000 degree granted (i think) engineers have spoken against the account of 200 (i hope degree granted official, governmental report writers).

the mere heinousness of 9/11 being a false flag makes it feel completely impossible from the get go, but objectively looking at (the little albeit) history i know and all accounts including noam chomsky, there is no way i can equate truthers’ claims as anywhere nearly as fallible as creationist and climate deniers’ positions …  [continue]

August 30th, 2013~~~~~I wrote Obama today

This is a joke!

The scores of ‘we the people’ whitehouse petitions left unanswered. The secret 52 billion dollar intelligence budget. The threats to go to war. And here you are endorsing a website that only claims your administration strives toward “open” and “accessible” governance.

You are a flat out liar and/or a failure … [continue]

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