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So I am a 25 year old american human that is very concerned with the current state of affairs both nationally and globally because with the advent of the internet so many powerful, positive changes have become clearly evident as necessary — even to me a literal academic layman with a politically unrelated triple major in mathematics, economics, and molecular cellular biology studying in medical school — for the maintenance and improvement of the human condition throughout the globe. What i mean is that right now, anyone with access to the tor browser or to the open web can clearly read and find statements like “the bottom half of the world’s population owns less than the richest 85 people in the world”, “the wealth of the one percent richest people in the world amounts to $110 trillion… that’s 65 times the total wealth of the bottom half of the world’s population”, “no, the new welfare queens are even bigger, richer and less deserving of taxpayer support…the two biggest welfare queens in America today are Wal-Mart and McDonald’s”, “of course feudal trips are nothing new to 21st Century American Presidents…the Obama family trip to sub-Saharan Africa was projected to cost the U.S. government anywhere from $60 million to $100 million”, “according to Odinsson, each one of the country’s 330,000 citizens will have claims to 31.8 Auroracoins…to secure said coins, citizens will use their national ID to verify their identity”, “the first cryptocurrency to begin trading was Bitcoin in 2009… since then, numerous cryptocurrencies have been created… fundamentally, cryptocurrencies are specifications regarding the use of currency which seek to incorporate principles of cryptography to implement a distributed, decentralized and secure information economy”, “according to the New York Times, the last time there was this many homeless children in New York City was during the days of the Great Depression”, “take Richard Fuld… five years after Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., the 158-year-old company he ran, collapsed under the weight of bad investments and sent a tidal wave of panic through the global financial system, Fuld is living comfortably… he has a mansion in Greenwich, Conn., a 40-plus-acre ranch in Sun Valley, Idaho, as well as a five-bedroom home in Jupiter Island, Fla… de no longer has a place in Manhattan, since he sold his Park Avenue apartment in 2009 for $25.87 million”, “these 19 hijackers, devout religious fundamentalists who liked to drink alcohol, snort cocaine, and live with pink-haired strippers, managed to knock down 3 buildings with 2 planes in New York, while in Washington a pilot who couldn’t handle a single engine Cessna was able to fly a 757 in an 8,000 foot descending 270 degree corskscrew turn to come exactly level with the ground, hitting the Pentagon in the budget analyst office where DoD staffers were working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion dollars that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had announced ‘missing’ from the Pentagon’s coffers in a press conference the day before, on September 10, 2001″, “Saudi Arabia put into effect a sweeping new counterterrorism law Sunday that human rights activists say allows the kingdom to prosecute as a terrorist anyone who demands reform, exposes corruption or otherwise engages in dissent”, “the birth of a new hometown hero… imagine a friend that can see, hear, feel and smell that would tirelessly watch over your neighborhood, keep your loved ones safe and put a smile on anyone walking by your business… imagine if we could utilize technology to make our communities stronger and safer together… Knightscope is developing technology that will predict and prevent crime with an innovative combination of hardware, software and social engagement”, “the National Security Agency is gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world, according to top-secret documents and interviews with U.S. intelligence officials, enabling the agency to track the movements of individuals — and map their relationships — in ways that would have been previously unimaginable”, “the site has been infiltrated by organized crime… there are horrifying signs of ecological disaster in the Pacific and human health impacts in the U.S. But within Japan, a new State Secrets Act makes such talk punishable by up to ten years in prison”, “in August 2013, Shunichi Tanaka, head of Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority, admitted to reporters that at least 300 tons of radioactive water have probably been leaking into the Pacific Ocean every day since at least July 2013, in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster”, “space weapons are weapons used in space warfare… they include weapons that can attack space systems in orbit (i.e. anti-satellite weapons), attack targets on the earth from space or disable missiles travelling through space… in the course of the militarization of space, such weapons were developed mainly by the contesting superpowers during the Cold War, and some remain under development today”, “from these figures we calculated a total military spending of $976,121,986,000.00, which works out to $1,852,083.31 per minute”, “SOAR’s goals are to continue researching precipitation processes and atmospheric aerosol interactions, and to improve the capabilities of atmospheric research aircraft with new and modern instrumentation…. at the center of SOAR’s operations are new frontiers in weather modification… SOAR has conducted operational and research weather modification programs using the most technologically advanced instrumentation available”, “in actuality, except for work with mice done in the 50s by an outside contractor for the NCI, but never published in the scientific literature, it appears that Hoxseys treatment has never been tested, either in animals or in humans… the only negative investigation cited by the ACS was a three-day visit to Hoxseys clinic by several Canadian physicians, who failed to find merit in his methods”, “some promoters of ‘alternative’ methods are physicians or other highly educated scientists who have strayed from scientific thought… the factors that motivate them can include delusional thinking, misinterpretation of personal experience, financial considerations, and pleasure derived from notoriety and/or patient adulation”, “and [AMA head] Fishbein made astonishing admissions during the trial, such as that he had failed anatomy in medical school and had never treated a patient or practiced a day of medicine in his entire career… even more shocking, Dr. Fishbein admitted in court that Hoxsey’s supposedly ‘brutal’ pastes actually did cure external cancer”, etc. Must i continue? Yes. Welcome to the site.

What else am I supposed to do other than disassociate from my medical school studies and stand up to fight for a global love equality and freedom on the net (GLEFnet).


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