As I sit and wait to find out if I got a grant from BMGF and USAID, after confirming an interview with the embassy of India representing Peru and Bolivia, and being told I can finally get my vegan burger and milkshake by a 33 degree…well. I think everything is going to be alright after all!

Remember we make the world what we want it. If we want war we get it. If we want peace we will get it. There is a god and there is no god. I have found my personal enlightenment, and I have done my time and work. I now feel comfortable with the world’s working.

I believe and don’t believe the content of this website and I suggest you do the same thing with everything you find online. There are many others eloquently and passionately chronicling the events of our Tierra.

My favorite!

GOOD LUCK everyone. Thank you all for reading my blog for the years. I will keep it online. Stay strong and stay happy and enjoy the roller coaster of life in style and class of your taste! Never compromise your spirit and never sacrifice your mind.